Bones creak when we move

Reminding us how fragile we are

Well, because of the bones

You see, bones can only bear so much

Or they’ll crack, or sheer or break apart

Take care of your bones

How? Drink milk and don’t fall


In life, some things are not clear at first,

we see what we want to see,

only humility can help us see through the sullen scape,

beyond that is what’s clear and true,

no map or guide can take us there,

only our conscience can guide us 

Doodaleedoo Poem

I love to Doodaleedoo all day long

I tend to Doodalee 4 times just before 3:00

Then it passes, and I Doodalee some more

The Doodaleedoos become comical at half past 4:00

Then, the Doodalees tire and begin to settle

Tea is the last Doodalee of the day

So let me Doodaleedoo over to the kettle

Oh doodaleedoo

Dream 1

I Dream of Flying often,

Into the crisp sky, stars twinkle.

Now I am awkward, unlike a bird,

A bird is graceful, and I don’t belong.

In the sky, I am an awkward creature,

No matter how hard I try,

After all I am dreaming.

I realize I don’t belong and that is ok,

That is how God meant it to be,

Then I descend quickly back to Earth.


Don’t expect for the same in return

Your expectations are high, but inside you’ll burn

It’s never the same

Always in vain

You’ll be happier, you’ll see, once you learn  


There is a reason we forget

Its been a whole night now

And I struggle to recall, why is that?

It seemed so long ago

And I cant bear to think back

Let’s move on, it’s a new day

New possibilities and things to plan

It’s in the past now

I have forgiven you



Habits are a part of us,

Soothing and comforting

They frequent us often

And define us, filling our voids

They sleep when we sleep

Fueling for the next day

Habitual Bliss

Without them we are nothing



Why does everybody call you Honey,

Is it Funny?

Or maybe you are sweet,

like a huge treat.

Maybe they just like to say it?

Like it shows cleverness or wit.

I really don’t know.

Maybe they are just going with the Flo.

Lazy Poem

Get out of bed and go to the store

Vacuum or clean and continue the chore

So much to do

so put on your shoe

Do something other than being a bore 


I fear lightning in the sky

More than a lot of things, yes

Not the loud thunder

But the lightning, overcome with despair

The odds are with me, yet I fear the strike

I don’t think about the odds

I just want to be inside

Away from the lightning

Morning Giberish 1

Do I make sense yet in the early

Day is white and calm away

To be up resorting to endless ways

Is how I spend my thoughts not

Waking to smile and plenty

Trying to erase the marks to know

Overbearing spheres that will fill my day  

Morning Giberish 2

More gibberish today, I lay awake and say

today is the day for the sun to be born

let it rise up and show the storm

will it be the time for us to lay awake?

and forget what we do to stay and dream.

I will continue to wait it out.


Morning Giberish 3

Today is long and forever gone, from now on

til noon it is not the same and I have to finish,

from time to end and now is here,

for what is new means nothing later,

when I can make sense is when I am clear

still half in and half out and I am not there yet.

Still not awake yet, give me more time.


My Bed...

My bed is my sanctuary

Where I can rest and dream

It's soft, warm and cozy

The best place I've ever seen

My bed is my companion

It knows me inside out

It hugs me when I'm lonely

It comforts me when I pout

My bed is my treasure

I cherish every hour

It gives me peace and pleasure

It makes me feel empowered



A cough due to cold, or rattle in the chest, there’s nothing you can do but hope for the best.

But in your gut you will know if there’s something a brew, so consider keeping him/her home it’s the best thing to do.

He/she will be comfy and resting in bed, daycare is not the place to rest a weary head.

It’s the wellness of the children and staff that matters most, so think twice before you bring in your little germ host.

Just think of the power that you possess, to keep another from getting sick? Priceless. 

Skiddish Cat

Cats are a peculiar and skiddish pet

Black, orange, gray or white

So soft and without an utter in the night

Which way did the cat go?

Mysterious, clever, and wit of quick

Sometimes they just appear

Oh what was that sound? 

Must have been the Dog

Soccer Poem

Soccer, the beautiful game, the players love to run,

it’s all about the playing, and that’s what makes it fun.

Soccer is a game of opportunity with equal chance for all,

give everybody a chance to pass, and shoot that precious ball.

If you think she’s Mia Hamm, most likely that she’s not,

so don’t deprive her teammates a chance for a shot.

Each player brings to the game, the desire, and the chance,

more than anything it’s the confidence, that you must enhance.

Don’t look to your great Aunt Sally, she may be your biggest fan,

but she won’t supply the answers, your soccer players can.

Your team is tenacious, flexible and soccer they know about,

give them a chance and they’ll show you, there’s no need to doubt.

Not one, not two not three alone, can put the ball on net,

it’s the 7, the 9 and 11 together, their success you sure can bet.

On the field, it can be a battle and sometimes she’ll lose the fight,

don’t worry; she’s confident, for that second chance to make it right.

So if she loses the ball to an opponent, no that can’t be fun,

but turnovers come in many forms, so don’t focus on the one.

Each player has a purpose and that you must know well,

put each player where she’s best suited, somewhere she’ll excel.

Be patient, don’t keep looking at your watch because in time they’ll show you their stuff,

because as a coach deep down you know, that seven minutes just isn’t enough.

Solar System

The solar system is a family.

The sun is at the center.

The planets names are Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn

Uranus Neptune Pluto.

There is a asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

The four planets near the sun are called the inner planets

The five planets away from the sun are called the outer planets


Here I am, in your inbox

Waiting to be read, better yet

Waiting to be understood

I traveled through space and time

As fast as light, but I went into a black hole

You see, I’m still not read

And still not understood

After all, I am not spam, so

Don’t treat me as such

I’m still waiting

Read me, and send me back.

Taste the Ball

I want the ball so bad I can taste it

leaving a sultry taste in my mouth

The anticipation takes me whole

Then out of the blue, the ball comes

A feeling of warm energy overcomes me

Like a front off the ocean

I have the ball Now

I’m standing on a mountain

With blissful sensation and eagerness

How awesome is that

The Spiders Web

Not spiders, but the webs I fear the most,

A most beautiful creation,

So mysterious and creepy,

I fear it so,

Why? I do not know. 

Who Poem

Who, I can’t hear a word you said

Well, how do you like your steak? What?

Hmm, how do you like your steak? Who?

Oh I see, I am 24, how old are you?


No, I just wanted to know how you like your steak?